Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette Review


I have been waiting to get my hands on these palettes ever since I read Lily Pebbles's review.  There are three different palettes to pick from and I picked up the 'Nude Palette' and the 'Nude Bronze Palette'. Both the palettes provide a good range of neutral colours which can be used to create a soft neutral look or smoked up to create a more dramatic look. I am really enjoying using the shade 'Golden Brown' from the 'Nude Bronze' Palette. Although they don't have the greatest staying time, with a bit of primer this is easily resolved and for £3.99 I wasn't expecting them to last forever. If you are new to makeup and are looking for a good neutral starter palette then these are for you. 

*Very cheap and affordable
*Good range of neutral colours
*Both matte and shimmer shades
*Eyeshadow names on the back- Does it bother anyone else when products aren't named?!?!?

*Cheap looking cardboard packaging
*No mirror- but for £3.99 this isn't a huge issue
*Slightly chalky- easily resolved with a primer

Have you tried these palettes?



  1. I having heard of these pallets before...where did you pick them up from ? Xx great blog btw

  2. I picked mine up from Boots where they were on offer but you can pick them up online or at Superdrug! :) Aww thank you! I will be sure to check yours out! xx


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