A Guide to Attending University

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be discussing the topic of university. When I was applying and starting my main source of information came from the university websites and UCAS. However I found these to be extremely painful boring to read. Although they covered most of the information I required, I wish I had found a blog that broke it down in a more interesting way. And so….  I have set myself the challenge of writing a mini series of posts to guide you through applying and starting university.

So before we start I thought I would give you a bit of background information about how I got to the university I am currently at. At sixth form I took History, Maths, Chemistry, General Studies and Government and Politics. I also undertook the Extended Project Qualification. Getting good grades in my first year put me in a good position for applying to universities at the beginning of my second year. I applied to five universities, where I was going to study Primary Education (5-11 years). The universities I applied to were:
·         University of Chester
·         Oxford Brookes University
·         York St John University
·         University of Northampton
·         University of Gloucestershire

I applied to these universities for the following reasons:
·         They were all in places I could see myself living
·         I liked the look of the modules that were in the course programme and could see myself studying them
·         They all had an ‘outstanding’ rating by OFSTED for my course
·         There were NO exams on my course

At the end of my course I will be a qualified teacher, this meant that as well as the usual applying through UCAS, I was also subjected to an interview at the universities. I was lucky enough to receive interviews at all five. Once I had my interviews, I then had to wait to find out if I would receive a condition offer from the university. Once I had received all my offers it was then time to make the big decision. I picked my firm choice and insurance choice universities based on the two that I felt I could see myself at the most.
·         Firm choice: University of Gloucestershire
·         Insurance choice: York St John University

Once I had made my final choices, it was time to apply for student finance and accommodation (later posts to follow on these topics) and take the all-important exams. On results day I woke up to an email from UCAS informing me that I had been accepted by my firm choice university, this made the whole going and collecting results a hell of a lot easier.
So two years on and I am loving university. I would not change my choice for the world!


So what I am aiming to cover in this mini-series? I am going to discuss topics covering the following areas:
·         Picking the University that is Right for You
·         Applying for Student Finance
·         Applying for Accommodation
·         Moving to University
I am also looking to write a post dedicated to your questions! Is there anything that you are dying to know? You can leave your questions in the comments below or tweet me @SkinnyJeansBlog or send me an email to LoveBeautyStudent@gmail.com.

I am very excited to get started on this new project and I really hope that I can help some of you feel more confident about starting university.



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