So. One word. Autumn.


So this is the first time I have sat down, in front of my laptop, to write a post for about ten months. Some bloggers will write long posts about their absences but I don't feel this is something I want to do. To write and maintain a blog you need time and anyone who is at uni will understand that this is hard to find at times. However recently I have realised that I do need to give myself that 'me' time and blogging is something that I love to do. So I am back and hopefully better then I was before. 

So. One word. Autumn. 

Words can not describe how excited I am for autumn. This may sound crazy but the thought of it getting colder excites me. 

Jumpers. Lots and lots of jumpers.

Caramel Hot Chocolate. Yes I am that person who still drinks this when it's 30 degrees outside and everyone is sunbathing but it just tastes so much better when it's colder.

Scarfs, Hats and Gloves. Basically playing the how many layers can I wear today game. 

Nights in. I believe when it's cold, it makes it okay to say "I'm just going to stay in tonight". There is nothing better then being snuggled up under a blanket watching your current TV addictions.

Christmas. Whether it is making plans, buying presents and decorations, there is just something amazing about knowing it is only 43 days away.  

What are you loving about Autumn?



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