New Years Resolutions 2014

Every year I make resolutions and in all honestly I rarely stick to them but it wouldn't be New Years Eve without making some now would it? That bring me on to my first New Years resolution which has to be to stick to all the resolutions I make and not to give up after a few days, weeks and months. 

My 2014 New Years Resolutions:

- to blog at least twice a week. 
- to purchase as many beauty products of my 2014 wish list as I can! (This is for sure my favourite resolution)
- to do all my uni reading and works straight away when I get it, to avoid those stressful last minute rushes. 
- to lose weight and become more healthy (it wouldn't be a list of resolutions without this on it) 
- and finally to go to my first ever music festival. This is something that I have always wanted to do and this summer I am finally going to do it. 

So hopefully in 365 days time I will be able to look back and be able to say that I did every single one of these things. I hope you all have a fantastic night whatever you are doing and I shall speak to you in 2014! Arghh scary how fast time goes! 


  1. The 2nd resolution haha-that's the best one I've heard!!
    Hope you have a wonderful new years!
    L xo

  2. Happy New Year!

    Buying all the beauty products on your wishlist has to be the best resolution ever! And it also got me thinking that not all resolutions have to be particularly hard or things we don't want to do! Why not pick one or two enjoyable ones too?! It's a great idea! Good luck with all your resolutions and I'm also thinking about resolving to blog at least twice a week! xx

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