Is there anything better then a £1 nail polish....I think not!

I recently picked up some more of MUA's £1 nail polishes. I have so many of these now, but I just couldn't resist picking some more up. Although you need about 3-4 coats for the colour to really stand out on your nail, for £1 I really don't mind waiting for a couple extra coats to dry. There is a really good selection of shades, all with really cute names. The packaging is really good and makes them look way more expensive then they are. I was really impressed when MUA ditched there old nail polish packaging and redesigned it to look much better. They remind me so much of Essie bottles and although the quality of the nail polish isn't as good, I wouldn't expect it to be with the £1 price tag.

I am so happy with the colours I picked up. Bold Blue is a really vibrant blue shade and looks really good on both your toenails and fingernails. Pistachio Ice Cream is one of my all time favourite nail polishes. Unfortunately it has also recently become one of my mums favourties too, which means I had to go out and get a new bottle. It is a really pretty mint colour and reminds me of Essie Mint Candy Apple. Mud Pie is a great brown colour but I find that it appears to be browny/purple on my nails. Koala Bear is a matte grey shade which I like to use on my toenails or on my fingernails when I am wearing an outfit which has a lot of colour on it, so my nails stay quite neutral. 

Although the formations isn't the greatest in the world, what do you expect with a £1 price tag. However the range of colours and the really nice packaging makes up for the number of coats you have to put on. I will definitely continue to expand my collection of these nail polishes and I hope MUA bring some more shades out soon. 

From left to right- Bold Blue, Pistachio Ice Cream, Mud Pie and Koala Bear 

 Have you tried any of these nail polishes?
Which on is your favourite shade?



  1. I am currently wearing Amaretto Crush! Love the colour and drying time. It chips quite easily but the super speedy drying time makes touch ups so quick and easy =). Great post!

    Nicki x

    1. They were sold out of that one when I bought these but I have heard it's really good! Yeah for £1 they are really impressive! Aww Thank you :) I will be sure to check your blog out xx


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