A Week In My Shoes #3

1- So this week, as some of you may of already seen, I finally got around to posting my Liebster Award post. I am so grateful for being nominated for this. I know my blog is only small at the minute, but I hope that more people jump on to the Skinny Jeans bandwagon, so if my blog is something you enjoy then please pass it on. I love writing my blog and I hope that you enjoy reading it. 

2- I attempted to make pancakes in the past week. Never again! They took so much effort to make, although that just might be my amazing cooking skills. They were quite nice when they were finally ready but I think I will stick to the ones you buy in the packets from the supermarket in the future.

3- Me and my best friend went on a sales shopping trip. We had such a great day and this is a picture that she took when we were having lunch. Being as sociable as ever. If you haven't been shopping in the sales, then I would recommend that you do soon. There are some really good bargains at the minute. 

4- So this week, I have been super happy. I have recently started a healthy eating and exercise regime. Ignore the picture of the burger above, it was my day off, haha. As I am eating a lot more healthy and doing a decent amount of exercise, I am feeling so much better about myself. Although my main aim is to become more of a healthy person, I am hoping to lose some pounds too. I am not on a diet and i'm not going to be losing huge amounts of weight, I am just hoping to get back to the amount I weighed at the end of Year 11. I have had such a great start to it this week and will definitely be continuing.  

5-  Since I have now finished school and my boyfriend has finished his first year of uni, we have been getting to spend lots more time together and I love it!

6- You also may have seen my NOTD post yesterday which featured my strawberry nails. I have loved these nails this week. They are really summery and such a bargain at only £1. 

I hope you enjoyed another week in my shoes. I would love to know what you have been up with, so leave me a comment below. Don't forget to give me a follow if you enjoy what you read, It would make my week! 



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