The New Me, Fit and Healthy #1

Hello to all my new followers and to those of you that have been following me from the start! So at the start of June I had a bit of a breakdown. I was really stressed due to exam pressures, I was completely covered in spots and had no energy. I was so sick of feeling pretty rubbish that I decided to have a bit of a change and become more healthy and fit, in the hope that it would make me feel better!

Is started off by focusing on my skin as the amount of breakouts I was having was forcing me to become really self-conscious about how I looked and with that came the period of caked on makeup in an attempt to cover up my horrible skin. I decided to do some research and try out some products until eventually I found a skincare routine that really suited me, which you can read here. Since starting my skincare routine, my skin has made such an improvement. I hardly ever get spots and my face is now clear enough that I ditched my full coverage foundations and replaced them with lighter coverage ones. I fully recommend watching this video as it really helped me to get started.

As well as sticking to a skincare routine, the past couple of months I have really stuck to drinking more water. I ditched the fizzy drinks and instead settled for drinking no less then 8 glasses of water as well as one glass of cranberry juice. It not only helped clear up my skin but it also made me feel so much fuller, which meant I wasn't snaking on unhealthy foods all day. Although towards the end of the month I have allowed myself to start having the occasional fizzy drink, I still mainly only drink water. 

The hardest bit of becoming more healthy was eating healthier. I love chocolate, ice cream and chips and to give stuff like that up was so hard. However instead of giving it up for good, I made sure that whatever I was having that was unhealthy was in moderation. I downloaded a great app called My Fitness Pal. This app is so good as it allows you to enter what you have eaten and it will tell you how many calories you have left to eat, but the main bonus to this app was that it told me when I had gone over my salt, sugar etc intake and this was really helpful in letting me decide what I could have that was going to be okay for my body. Through eating more healthier I have rediscovered my love for foods such a watermelon and granola, as well as trying new things. I have actually discovered that I don't mind not eating chocolate and crisps every day and I actually now prefer to reach for an apple instead.

As well as giving up bad foods, I also had to increase the amount of exercise I was doing. The past few months I have tried lots of different exercises from running to yoga to fitness dvds and I have really enjoyed doing it all. My boyfriend has been really great and has endured jogs and wii fit sessions with me and although he complained, I think he secretly likes it. I have tried to make sure that I am never sat down for too long and even when I'm watching the tv, I have started to jog on the spot whilst watching it. Doing extra shifts at work has also kept me on the move as I am constantly walking up and down the stairs between the shop floor and the warehouse. 

Overall I have made sure that I stick it out and that I don't give up when it gets hard. I have so much more confidence then I did a few months ago and I feel so much better. Not only have I now got much clearer skin but I am always full of energy and raring to go. I have lost some weight, although this was never my reason for starting it.

I am going to continue this as I am loving the effects it is happening. I hope to get another update up at the end of august but if you have any questions before then, then leave a comment below :) 


Skincare Sunday #1

So one of my goals for 2013 was to look after my skin and stick to a decent skincare routine. Although I have defiantly improved my skincare routine, there is still room for improvement. I have started this feature as a way of finding out what other skincare products my fellow blogger and my reader love.

So today's skincare topic is scrubs! I really love how scrubs leave my skin feeling and for the past few months I have been addicted to the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub. However I would be really interested in what you guys think is good, so I can broaden my skincare usage and try out some new products.

I am going to make this a weekly feature so if you want to be involved then make sure you are following me so you can see when it goes up and I really hope you get invloved and help me out.


Are The Dirty Works The New Soap And Glory?

I was recently walking down the beauty aisle in my local Sainsbury's when I saw these out of the corner of my eye. I noticed the, because as first I thought they were Soap and Glory products. The packaging style is so similar, although Dirty Works packaging is blue whereas most of the skincare packaging of Soap and Glory is pink, there are some many similarities between the looks of the the two brands. 

Foot Scrub

Body Lotion

As they all had money off them , I couldn't help but pick out three of the products in the hope that there would be similarities between the actual products. The three that I picked up all have really cute names and were such a bargain as they were half the price that you would pay for a Soap and Glory product. 

I picked up Glow Girl Buttery Salt Scrub, Sole Sister Foot Scrub and Bare Necessity Body Lotion. They not only have really cute names but they also smell good too. I have used them a couple times and they have left my skin feeling really soft and smooth. I have been really impressed by these products, especially as I paid just over a £5 for all three of them. 

However I don't think that Soap and Glory will be worrying anytime soon. Although they were three really good products that I would buy again. In comparison to Soap and Glory, I would rather spend a little bit more as they smell and quality of the Soap and Glory products is so worth the extra few pounds. 

Will you try these out?
What are your favourite Soap and Glory products?


Finally Got My Hands On Real Techniques Brushes

So everyone and their nan's dog raves about these brushes and I have been dying to try them for so long. Every time I go into Boots or Superdrug I literally stand in front of them for about 20 mins debating whether to get them. So when Superdrug introduced their by one get one half price deal on them, I couldn't put buying them off any longer. 

After standing in front of them for about and hour (much to my boyfriends annoyance) plus a phone call to my mother, I decided on the Travel Essentials Kit and the Expert Face Brush.  I would of ideally liked to buy the Core Collection instead of the Travel Essentials Kit but unfortunately that was not one that my local Superdrug stocked. However I am over the moon with my purchases as they are both amazing products.

The Real Techniques Brushes are one of the softest makeup brushes I have ever seen, they feel amazing on your face and you never feel like you are scrubbing away layers of skin like you do when using cheap makeup brushes. They clean really easily after they have been used and still feel as soft as they first did, even after a couple washes. They apply the products so nicely and I have noticed a difference in how my makeup looks.

The design of the brushes is so cute and I love how they are colour coded depending on their roles. As I picked up one of the kits, it meant that I received a case to store them in and it's really great for taking them on the go as it fits really nicely in your handbag.

Travel Essentials Kit: In this kit you recieve the Multi Task Brush which is perfect for applying powder, bronzer or blush. It is the perfect sized brush and is the softest out of all the brushes I got. Also in this kit you get the Essential Foundation Brush which is supposed to be used for applying your foundation or concealer. I have really just been using this for concealer application under my eyes and on spots as I have preferred to use my Expert Face Brush to apply my foundation . Lastly you receive a Domed Shadow Brush which is for applying eye shadows to create a perfect blended out look. I haven't used this brush yet, as I am using cream eye shadows at the moment but I look forward to trying it out in the future and if it's anything like the other brushes then it will be amazing.

Expert Face Brush: The Expert Face Brush is probably my favourite makeup brush I have ever bought. It apply's my foundation so nicely and leaves my skin looking really flawless. It is just the right size brush that it doesn't put too much on that it makes your skin look caked in makeup but then it also isn't too small that you would miss areas of your face. Although I still like to apply some of my foundations with my fingers, this is definitely my new way to apply foundation.

If you take one thing away from my blog then I hope it is that you understand how amazing these brushes are. I would never usually spend large amounts on makeup items but for the 4 items I received it was totally worth it. I am going to definitely expand my collection. 

Have you tried the Real Techniques Brushes?
Which brush should I purchase next?


Time to Reflect...

So this is going to be more of a personal post today. I have been blogging for just over a month now and I have loved every minute of it. Not only have I received some lovely comments and followers but I have met some really lovely fellow bloggers. 

Currently so far my blog has gained just under 900 views, 18 followers and been read in many different countries. When I started Skinny Jeans I never thought I would gain any followers, it was just my own little space where I could write down my thoughts and opinions. I know some people might be like why is she so happy, her blog is so little but I am so grateful for every follower and every viewer.

Over the past month, I have been able to chat to so many bloggers, through comments or on twitter and I have to say beauty bloggers are the friendliest lot. I have loved discovering new blogs and chatting to the people whose blogs I have followed for a long time. 

You may have already seen but I was recently nominated twice for the liebster award. It was so great that two people thought enough about my blog to nominate me for this award and I had a lot of fun doing it.

I hope that my blog continues to grow and that I am able to continue writing it for a long time. 

So although this post was really to show how much my blog has grown over the past month, I hope that seeing how much I have enjoyed starting a blog encourages someone who may want to but hasn't yet, to do it. 

If you like what you read then I would love for you to give me a follow on bloglovin or through google friend connect and help to establish Skinny Jeans as a beauty blog in the future and not just as a new blog as it currently is. I love reading any comments I get, so don't forget to say hi below. Thank you for every single one of you who have contributed to Skinny Jeans in the past month, you have made starting it so worth it. 


As Good As Ice Cream?

I have recently picked up three of the Barry M Ice Cream Collection. I picked up Lemon Ice Cream, Strawberry Ice Cream and Berry Ice cream. I wanted to get all four, but unfortunately the Superdrug I bought them from only had these three in. They are such pretty pastel colour, which is perfect for the summer. I love the formation of Barry M nail paints and after two coats you have perfect nails. For £2.99 they are such a bargain and Barry M are always doing 3 for 2 deals.  

Do you like the Barry M Ice Cream Collection?


Is there anything better then a £1 nail polish....I think not!

I recently picked up some more of MUA's £1 nail polishes. I have so many of these now, but I just couldn't resist picking some more up. Although you need about 3-4 coats for the colour to really stand out on your nail, for £1 I really don't mind waiting for a couple extra coats to dry. There is a really good selection of shades, all with really cute names. The packaging is really good and makes them look way more expensive then they are. I was really impressed when MUA ditched there old nail polish packaging and redesigned it to look much better. They remind me so much of Essie bottles and although the quality of the nail polish isn't as good, I wouldn't expect it to be with the £1 price tag.

I am so happy with the colours I picked up. Bold Blue is a really vibrant blue shade and looks really good on both your toenails and fingernails. Pistachio Ice Cream is one of my all time favourite nail polishes. Unfortunately it has also recently become one of my mums favourties too, which means I had to go out and get a new bottle. It is a really pretty mint colour and reminds me of Essie Mint Candy Apple. Mud Pie is a great brown colour but I find that it appears to be browny/purple on my nails. Koala Bear is a matte grey shade which I like to use on my toenails or on my fingernails when I am wearing an outfit which has a lot of colour on it, so my nails stay quite neutral. 

Although the formations isn't the greatest in the world, what do you expect with a £1 price tag. However the range of colours and the really nice packaging makes up for the number of coats you have to put on. I will definitely continue to expand my collection of these nail polishes and I hope MUA bring some more shades out soon. 

From left to right- Bold Blue, Pistachio Ice Cream, Mud Pie and Koala Bear 

 Have you tried any of these nail polishes?
Which on is your favourite shade?


Whats In My Makeup Bag- Summer Edition

So it is hot, which as I see it means it is officially SUMMER! WOOOO! My makeup does change in the summer as I prefer to go for a more natural look and not wear as many products as I do in the colder months. So sit back and enjoy what I'm wearing in the summer....


1- Rimmel 9 in 1 BB cream: I am currently loving this. It leaves my skin looking so good (not up myself in the slightest, haha). I was really surprised, as I thought it might leave me looking caked in makeup, considering it does 9 jobs in one. It's really light and gives me enough coverage for those days when I feel I need a bit more then just using concealer. 

2- Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer: In the summer, this becomes like a foundation to me. I often find that my skin is so much better during the summer and I only need to cover up the occasional blemish or slight redness. So I just buff my concealer in using a brush and then I am good to go. 

3- Rimmel Stay Matte Powder: It doesn't mater what the season, this will always be in my makeup bag. It is the perfect powder. I have the 001 transparent one so it adds no colour to my face and instead just sets my makeup and removes and shine. Such an affordable product. 

4- Maybelline Dream Terra Sun Bronzing Powder: I love this bronzing powder. As I have such fair skin, I often find that bronzing powders are way to orange on me. I have this bronzing powder in the lightest shade and it gives me such a natural glow. It also smells really good.

5- Natural Collection Blusher in Dusky Pink: I am loving the Natural Collection blushes at the moment and this is such a pretty colour. It is a warm peachy pink colour and is perfect for the summer. 


6- Rimmel Scandleyes Extreme Black Mascara: This is been my go to mascara for a long time now. I have talked about it so much on my blog. It is a nice mascara which makes your lashes look fuller and longer, without making them clumpy. 

7- Collection Super Size Mascara: This is a mascara that I like to use in the summer on my bottom lashes. In the summer, as I said before, I don't like to wear too much makeup and this mascara leaves my bottom lashes looking much longer but still really natural. 

8- Scandleyes Waterproof Kohl Liner in Nude: I rally like this liner, It makes your eyes look much bigger and I find makes me look much more awake on a morning. I just think it is a much softer and natural alternative for a darker eyeliner.


9- Collection Lasting Colour Lipsticks in PassionFruit and Sweet Tart: This are my favourite summer lipsticks. They are both really vibrant and bright colours. PassionFruit is an orange colour lipstick, whereas Sweet Tart is a bright pink colour. They have really good pigmentation and although they don't last for a huge amount of time, they do stay put for a couple hours. 

10- MUA Intense Kisses High Intensity Gloss in Quick Kiss: This is a really nice sheer pink lip gloss. I find that it isn't sticky, which is my usual pet hate about lip glosses. It leaves a nice glossy sheer finish on my lips, with a slight hint of pink. 

From Left to Right: Sweet Tart, PassionFruit and Quick Kiss

11-  Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose: I couldn't not have a lip butter in my makeup bag and this one is my favourite one. It leaves your lips really soft but It also smells amazing. If you like raspberry yogurt then this is the stuff for you. 


This is my favourite purchase in a longtime. I am always trying to cram makeup brushes into my makeup bag before I go on holiday and I have found a perfect solution. This brush not only acts as a foundation brush, but it also has a smaller brush on the other end which is perfect for eye shadow or concealer. This means I have a brush, which I can take with me, which actually can do three jobs. It was such a bargain at £1.50 from Primark. I must admit when I first bought it, I didn't think it was going to be any good. However it applies my makeup really well and is super easy to clean. I will definitely be picking up some more of these when I next go to Primark. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing whats currently in my makeup bag, I would love to know whats in yours. Leave a comment below or even leave your blog link, if you have done your own What In My Makeup Bag post. Don't forget you can follow using google friend connect or on bloglovin and all the links are at the top.


A Week In My Shoes #3

1- So this week, as some of you may of already seen, I finally got around to posting my Liebster Award post. I am so grateful for being nominated for this. I know my blog is only small at the minute, but I hope that more people jump on to the Skinny Jeans bandwagon, so if my blog is something you enjoy then please pass it on. I love writing my blog and I hope that you enjoy reading it. 

2- I attempted to make pancakes in the past week. Never again! They took so much effort to make, although that just might be my amazing cooking skills. They were quite nice when they were finally ready but I think I will stick to the ones you buy in the packets from the supermarket in the future.

3- Me and my best friend went on a sales shopping trip. We had such a great day and this is a picture that she took when we were having lunch. Being as sociable as ever. If you haven't been shopping in the sales, then I would recommend that you do soon. There are some really good bargains at the minute. 

4- So this week, I have been super happy. I have recently started a healthy eating and exercise regime. Ignore the picture of the burger above, it was my day off, haha. As I am eating a lot more healthy and doing a decent amount of exercise, I am feeling so much better about myself. Although my main aim is to become more of a healthy person, I am hoping to lose some pounds too. I am not on a diet and i'm not going to be losing huge amounts of weight, I am just hoping to get back to the amount I weighed at the end of Year 11. I have had such a great start to it this week and will definitely be continuing.  

5-  Since I have now finished school and my boyfriend has finished his first year of uni, we have been getting to spend lots more time together and I love it!

6- You also may have seen my NOTD post yesterday which featured my strawberry nails. I have loved these nails this week. They are really summery and such a bargain at only £1. 

I hope you enjoyed another week in my shoes. I would love to know what you have been up with, so leave me a comment below. Don't forget to give me a follow if you enjoy what you read, It would make my week! 



So this is my first attempt at one of these, which is really bad considering I have been blogging for a couple months now. I love my nails at the moment and so I just had to share.

Fake nails- Primark- £1 

What do you think? 


Year 13 Leavers Ball....Otherwise Know As Prom

I wasn't sure about doing this post, as I don't really like putting pictures of myself on my blog and I knew that this post would have to include picture of myself on the big day. I asked on twitter whether it was something you would like to see and I got a lot of people saying yes, so I thought I would go ahead and do it. 

I was lucky enough to have my hair and makeup done by someone else, but that unfortunately means I can't exactly remember all the products they used, but I will try my best. I'm sorry that the post will be so heavily picture based but I thought that you would rather see photos then me just going on and on. 

Me with two of the bestest people you could ever wish to call your friend

My lovely form buddie! Spent the last two years suffering through boring form times with her.

My best friend in the whole world!

Prom Date! (who also doesn't photograph great, which we found out after take 100 of our professional photo together)

Bit windswept! 

One of my fellow gingers! 

Shoes: Next - No longer in stock

Clutch: Marks and Spencers

Jewelry: All given as presents so not sure where they are from. 

Nails: No 7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Cheeky Chops 

Makeup Products Used:
- Maybelline Fit Me foundation in 120
-Collection 2000 Concealer
-Rimmel London Scandleyes Mascara in Extreme Black
-Bourjois Cream Busher (unsure of which colour)
-Eyeshadows were from Boots Seventeen but unsure of names and shades
-Maybelline Gel eyeliner
-MUA eyebrow pencil in Blonde
-Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
- Bronzer from Boots Seventeen 

I had such a lovely night and I hope that you all enjoyed seeing what I wore. Don't forget to give me a follow if you like what you read. If you want to know anything further then leave a comment below :)


Liebster Award

"The Liebster award is passed on through bloggers with under 200 GFC followers and helps to promote their blogs."

So I have been recently nominated by SmileLoveSpend and Zoe for this award. Its not actually an award its a way of helping new bloggers to get noticed. I have posted the quote that describes the award above. I am so chuffed to not only have been nominated once but in fact twice. However one of the rules of the award is that you can only take part in the award once. So I am really thankful for Zoe for nominating me but SmileLoveSpend did nominate me first so its only fair I choose to answer her questions. I have linked their blogs in to this post, so click on their names to go to their blogs. They are great and if you aren't already following then you should do!

The Rules of the Award: 
1. Those who are nominated must link back the person who nominated them.
2. Once nominated you must write 11 random facts about yourself.
3. You must also answer the 11 questions from the person that has nominated you.
4. Come up with 11 questions to ask the 11 people you have nominated for the award.

11 Random Facts About Me:
1. I am terrified of snakes.
2. I used to live in Texas.
3. My favourite food is Shepherds Pie.
4. I have a huge flip flop collection- even though I never get the chance to wear them.
5. I have just finished my A Levels.
6. I have a pet rabbit who I love.
7. My favourite film is Monsters Inc.
8. I spend way to much of my life in Boots and Superdrug.
9. I am a qualified gymnastics coach.
10. I am currently doing my Gold Duke of Edinburgh and it is tough!
11. I have a nail polish addiction.

SmileLoveSpend's Questions For Me: 
  1. Do you have a blogger journal, planner, diary?
    I have a Filofax, which I love, so I am always jotting down ideas in the back of it so I don't forget.
  2. What's your favourite number?
    Number 2
  3. How long have you been blogging?
    About a month and I love it
  4. Summer fashion or Winter fashion?
    I love winter fashion. I love shopping for scarves and hats and I love my knitwear. However it is probably nicer to wear summer fashion so I am torn. 
  5. How much is the most you've spent on a beauty product and least you've spent on a beauty product?
    I don't tend to spend huge amounts on beauty products as I like to constantly try out new things so I don't really like spending loads. The most I have probably spent is just over £10. The least I have spent is £1 on some of MUA's products. 
  6. What's one thing you love about blogging?  
    Fellow bloggers
  7. Favourite piece of clothing at the moment?
    I am loving my high waisted polka dot shorts from 915 generation new look. As I am quite small, I often find that you can find some good stuff in the kids section. hahaha
  8. You've got a magic carpet (wayyheyy) where's the one place you'd love to visit?
    Cannes- I love Made in Chelsea and they are always there. So I would love to go to see what all the fuss is about! 
  9. Do you blog on the go - make notes on your phone, pictures on your phone, edit pictures on your phone, read/answer comments on your phone? 
    Not really, I prefer to sit down with a nice cup of tea and blog on a night.
  10. Do you live by a saying?
    'Life goes on'. 
  11. Name three food's you couldn't live without?
         Chocolate, Pop Tarts and Potato Wedges 

My nominations for the award: 
haysparkle- I recently came across this blog on twitter and I love it. She reviews products really well and makes me want to go out and blow all my money on the stuff she reviews. Its a really nice blog to read, filled with great pictures and is a really good blog design. I fully recommend you go and have a read.

Bombay Rose-  Once again I recently found this blog through twitter. I really do recommend joining twitter if you are just starting up with a blog, it allows you to find some really great blogs and chat to other beauty bloggers. I love the design of Bombay Rose and I love the features Tip Tuesday and Friday Favourites! Its a really great blog that offers great tips and reviews. You can't really go wrong with this blog.

Vanessa Chloe's World-  This blog is more then just a beauty blog, which is something I really liked. Lots of the blogs I follow just focus on beauty things, but this blog has so many other posts. The photography on this blog is so good and I love scrolling through the pictures that are included in the posts. Although this blog has been nominated before (I think) I couldn't not include it in my list of nominations.

LollyLou- The design of this blog is AMAZING! I find this blog so easy to read and I always want to buy everything she buys. The pictures that go along with the posts are really good and you can always see the products clearly. I think the thing I love the most about this blog is that there is equal amount of posts on fashion and beauty. So many blogs these days only focus on the beauty and makeup side of things but I always really like reading her fashion and fashion haul posts.

I have kind of cheated here, in the fact that I have only nominated 4 blogs instead of 11. However I am hoping to add to this over time when I find more blogs that I really enjoy reading but until then these are my top 4 blogs to read with under 200 GFC followers. 

So finally my 11 questions for the 4 blogs I nominated:

1. Who is your style icon and why?
2. What is one beauty item that you will spend large amounts of money on?
3. What is your skin type?
4. If you could only have one beauty product in your makeup bag, what would it be?
5. Where is the best place you have visited?
6. What is your idea of a great night in?
7. If you could meet anyone (past or present), who would it be?
8. How long have you been blogging for?
9. Whats your favourite blog post that you have ever written?
10. Where do you see your blog in 5 years time?
11. Long nails or short nails?

I hope you enjoyed this post! I am so grateful for being nominated. If you liked what you have read and you want to read more of my posts then please give me a follow. 


June Favourites

So its time again for my monthly favourites. A lot of these products I will have reviewed or mentioned at some point on my blog in the past month so I will try to not be repetitive. So sit back with a nice cool drink, especially if you're in the UK because it is HOT and enjoy my June favourites.

No 7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Cheeky Chops- This is the perfect corral nail polish. I love the No 7 nail polishes and I have a few different ones in my nail polish collection. I bought this one for my prom (The prom post will be up next week,  I want to make it perfect so am spending longer on it) as I wanted a really bright corral colour that wasn't going to chip and ruin any of the photos. The only problem I have with the No 7 nail polishes is that they are £6 , which considering Essie nail polishes are £7.99 and much better quality, make them quite pricey. However I am always getting money off vouchers for No 7 when I buy something else from Boots so I don't mind spending £3-£4 pounds on them. 

Ted Baker London Butterfly Wings Body Scrub- I recently bought my friend a Ted Baker gift set for her birthday and when she opened it and we smelt the products, I fell in love with the smell. So when I was in Boots at the start of the month I decided to check out what individual products they did. I picked up the body scrub, the body souffle and body spray. I really like all the products I bought, but the one I have been using all this month is the body scrub. It leaves your skin feeling super soft and smells so good. I picked mine up on a 3 for 2 deal so I recommend that you go to your nearest Boots store and pick these up. 

MUA Lipstick in Shade 15 or Juicy-  This is a really nice light corral colour and is perfect for the summer. MUA lipsticks are such a bargain at £1 and I really like this one. I have found that some of the lipsticks can be quite drying on your lips but as I always but a layer of lip balm underneath I don't really mind. 

Got2b Beach Matt Mermaid Look Texturising Salt Spray- I read so many mixed reviews on this product, but when it went on offer in my local Boots I had to pick it up. I have been looking for a salt spray for ages now and after watching Zoella's Everyday Hairstyles video on youtube I went straight out and picked up the first one I saw. I really like this product and I haven't had any problems with it. It can be slightly sticky to start off with but I find that goes quite quickly. As long as it continues to transform my dull hair into something more interesting then I am going to stick with it. 

Natural Collection Mango and Papaya Body Spay- You can read my review of this spray here

Superdrug Powder Makeup Brush-  I bought this brush as a brush to keep me going until I could buy my real techniques brushes. However I have really started to like this brush. It is really soft and easy to clean. However the best part about it is it doesn't transfer to much product. Although I use my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder everyday, I don't like to put too much on. This brush is really good at that and as it was under a £5 I am really impressed with it. Although I will be purchasing my real techniques brushes later this week, I will definitely continue to use this. 

Rimmel London Scandleyes Waterproof Kohl Liner in Nude- I love this liner. I was quite scared of buying a liner this light but once I put it on, I loved the effect it had. It brightens up your eyes making you look much more awake. It applies really nicely and doesn't rub off really quickly. Its so cheap and does an amazing job. Has become one of the products that I don't leave the house without it being in my makeup bag.  

So those are my June favourites. I would recommend that you try any of these products and if you do let me know in the comments below. This month I have only done beauty products instead of random favourites. So leave me a comment below if you have missed the random comments or if it is better without them.

I would love it if you would give me a follow on GFC or Bloglovin or even on twitter :) If you have got this far down then thank you for reading!


Boots Natural Collection Body Spray Reviews

In the summer I like to keep my makeup and perfume to a minimal. I like my fact to be as natural as possible and I don't like to be wearing overpowering scents. About a year ago, I fell in love with the Soap and Glory Body Mist and I wore it all last summer. So this year I decided to try something different. I was in boots and came across their own Natural Collection Body Sprays. 

In the summer I like to wear something that smells really summery and fruity but isn't overpowering. These are perfect for me. They leave you smelling great and the three scents I have I love! The wild strawberry one smells so much like the strawberry body butter from the Body Shop, which I also love, so that was a bonus for me. The vanilla one isn't fruity but smells so nice so I had to have it. The Mango and Papaya one is my favourite, it is my perfect summer scent. 

These are all my second bottles of each and for only £1.99 they are a bargain. You can also usually pick them up on a 3 for 2 offer that Boots usually has on. Although I love my Soap and Glory one, I will definitely be trying out more of the scents from this range. 

I would fully recommend that you go and try these out. You can get them from most Boots stores or by clicking here to shop the full range.  

Have you tried out any of these body sprays?
Can you recommend any other body spray brands?

Leave a comment below :) 


A Week In My Shoes #2

I can't believe that it has been a week since I last posted. This past week has been crazy and I haven't had time to sit down and write the posts I had planned to. Usually I sit down on a Sunday night and write all the posts for that week, but the past two Sundays I haven't and I am way behind on posts. 

This quote sums up my whole week, I haven't really done anything big or exciting but I have done lots of little things that I have really enjoyed. 

Tuesday: I had a rally nice afternoon sale shopping. I bought lots of really nice beauty products and fashion items. There are some really good sales on at the minute so definitely go and check them out. I thought Topshop and H+M's sales were the best.

Thursday: I had a really nice afternoon preparing for my prom. As I wasn't able to come home between work on the Friday and my hair appointment, I needed to have everything all packed and ready. I did my nails and just generally had a nice pamper.

Friday: PROM DAY!!!!! Friday was filled with hair and makeup appointments and then finally the Prom. I had such a wonderful night at prom and then a load of us went out after. Was a really nice night but also quite sad, as it was really the final event with all of us together. 

Saturday and Sunday: I guess you could call these recovery days. My best friend and I manage to sneak in breakfast at one of our favourite places and then into town for some more sale shopping. 

I haven't included any of the pictures from this week as I wanted to wait and include them in my posts later on in the week. As I have missed a week's worth of posts, I am going to list below the posts that will be up in the next couple of days. I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments what you have been up to. 

Posts to come in the next couple of day:

-Sale Shopping Haul
-Ted Baker Products Review
-Boots Natural Collection Body Spray Review

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