Forget FOMO, this summer is all about GOMO

As a trainee teacher I have fully experienced FOMO (fear of missing out). Over the past three years, I have spent lots of hours preparing, planning etc. whilst my friends have been otherwise occupied with something more fun.  Scrolling through Facebook seeing picture after picture is when FOMO really kicks in.

Now that I have finished university I have vowed to make this summer more about GOMO (going out more often) and instead of becoming a lazy slob, I want to make this summer one to remember.

If you are a follower of Skinny Jeans you will know that there is nothing I like more than discovering affordable things. My aim this summer is to fully experience GOMO whilst not breaking the bank. I have put together a few ideas below of how you can fully embrace GOMO this summer for a small cost.


One of my favourite things to do is get a group of friends together, jump in the car and head off on a magical adventure. The more people you get involved the cheaper it is for petrol (.....or gas) and there are so many amazing places you can go. Grab a mp and start circling. Personally I love a good day out at the beach or a national park.


Even at the age of 21 nothing excites me more then a good picnic blanket and a range of good food. Head down to your nearest store and grab a selection of finger foods: Sausage rolls, crisps, cocktail sausages, bits of cooked pizza, CAKES! Or if your cooking ability is vastly better than mine make your own tasty treats to go with you.


My love of food means I love trying new places to eat. Make a list of all the new places you would like to try then hop on the internet and see if you can find a good old voucher or deal. There are so many out there. One of my favourites if half price Mondays at Slug and Lettuce. Catching up with your favs on their patio whilst munching away on some good food is a great way to pass some hours.


Although this can sometimes be on the pricer side, picking up tickets to a concert, show or sporting event is a great way to get out and about. However there are all sorts of events out there. This summer I am aiming to go to food and drink festivals (surprise...surprise). Eventbrite is a great place to find and buy tickets to all sorts of different events. It even allows you to plan your own events!

I hope you enjoyed these different ideas for GOMO. I would love to hear your plans and ideas as well. Tweet me at @skinnyjeansblog using the #GOMO


My Top Tips For Starting University


It's crazy to think that this time two years ago, I was about to start university. I had spent weeks buying large amounts of kitchen stuff and hours choosing what to take with me. However none of this could get rid of the nervous feeing that just wouldn't seem to go away. I am writing this post today to tell you that it's okay to be nervous, it's a huge step to be taking, but also to tell you that that nervous feeling goes away. 

Now two years on, I am about to go in my final year and those nervous feelings I had two years ago have been replaced by sadness of not wanting it to be over. I wish that I could go back in time and tell my younger self not to waste time being nervous and homesick in those first couple weeks.

I have come up with my top tips for those first few tricky hours, days, weeks! Remember no matter how long it takes you to settle in and feel 100% happy, there are always people feeling the same!  

#1- Be yourself. There is always the struggle of do you or do you not reinvent yourself. It isn't wrong to want to be someone different but I believe you can sometimes get too caught up in changing that's you put across a 'fake' image. People will always respond better to you if they feel they are seeing the real you. 

#2- Get stuck in. Whether it is going and introducing yourself to your neighbor, heading to a fresher's event or joining a society, fresher's offers you the chance to really put yourself out there and get involved. 

#3- Have fun and don't worry. My biggest piece of advice is to enjoy it as much as you can. Althiught there will be times where you are sad, anxious or nervous, I found that if I was distracted by something they went away. You are not going to be the only one who feels like this, so never worry that you are. 

I hope you have the most fantastic time at university. Enjoy every second of it, it goes WAY too fast!!!


Autumn Loving

Summer Memories


So today I am curled up under a blanket, with a cup of tea, writing what is my first blog post in about four months. A huge difference from what I was doing this time two weeks ago. This summer I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work at an American summer camp and then travel afterwards. 

This was something completely outside of my comfort zone. Although I work with children on a regular basis, I would be travelling over 3500 miles away to work with children in a different country (and also have to look after myself as well!!!!). I can't even start to explain what a rewarding experience this was. Not only was I lucky enough to work with some of the greatest children but also to make friends with people from all over the world. I was encouraged to step out of my comfort zone and try new things, as well as getting over my fear of roller-coasters!

I'm still not 100% sure what I wanted to get out of this post, but I hope it may encourage some of you to say YES to more things, take more opportunities and try something new no matter how scary it may be. 


Summer 2015 Clothes Wishlist

Summer Clothes Wishlist

I am so looking forward to being back in some summer clothes! I am hoping to invest in some new pieces to add to my summer wardrobe. At the minute I am really loving bright prints, chunky sandals and floppy hats. Above are some of the pieces I am hoping to get my hands on soon. 

What's on your summer wishlist?

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